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What We Do

Our green innovation approach means Innovate Recycle will be the first in the UK to recycle post-consumer and industrial carpet at volume. The focus will be on the market-dominating polypropylene-based carpets and the retrieval of polypropylene and calcium carbonate for use across industry supply chains. 


We will work with customer aware carpet manufacturers and retailers, and with environmentally focused local authorities to gather and recycle end-of-life post-consumer domestic and industrial carpet.



Our Polypropylene, when repurposed provides exceptional qualities of strength and recyclability that will provide a strong marketable end of line product that can be continually repurposed to manufacture components across a wide range of industries. We will also reclaim calcium carbonate for reuse in industry.

Three ways in which reclaimed polypropylene from Innovate recycled carpets can be used:


OEM manufacturers such as Volvo and Peugeot Citroen are increasing the amount of recycled plastic, including polypropylene, content in the design and components of new vehicle models, aiming for a minimum of 25% from 2025 onwards.

Injection Moulding

Recycled polypropylene can be utilised in a wide range of components and products across multiple industries. With new legislation coming forward in the UK on recycled content in 2022, ensuring a ready supply of reclaimed plastics will be essential for industry.

3D Printing

New trials and R&D projects are increasingly allowing recycled plastics in the filaments used in 3D printing, allowing a greener, more sustainable approach to this still relatively new technology. Building a constant supply of recycled plastics will be vital to developing this further.

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