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Vision and Values

At Innovate Recycle, sustainability and investment are at the heart of our vision and values. We want to be prominent and at the forefront of recycling and the circular economy; and we will invest in our people and our business to achieve immediate and lasting impact for those who work for us and with us.

Our Vision 

Innovate Recycle’s vision and objective is to play its part in moving towards a healthier and sustainable planet, having become the first and only business in the UK capable of profitably recycling end of life carpet.

Recycling Carpet

Our CEO and founder Joseph Eccleston says: 

There is still much to do, for all of us, to rethink our mindset and relationship with the things that we own to achieve the levels of individual and collective action and the change in our concept of products, consumption and ownership that will improve the wellbeing, environmental and economic impact to a level that is sufficient to benefit those who will inherit the Earth when we have finished with it. 

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