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Waste Carpet

At Innovate Recycle, we will begin to recapture polypropylene from end-of-life carpet for reuse from Autumn 2022. We will work with customer aware carpet manufacturers and retailers, and with environmentally focused local authorities and with the UK government to ensure that this part of the emerging circular economy is fully realised.

Retail Waste

Innovate Recycle is working with the carpet industry and with the recycled plastics industry to develop a new approach to dealing with end of life carpet and helping these industries implement increased recycled plastics content manufacturing and ensuring an effective solution to future extended producer responsibility requirements.


There is no other company in this sector that can recycle all forms of carpet in the way Innovate Recycle can; or in the same volumes.


Using our innovative recycling process, developed and refined in the United States and Europe, we are introducing a new state of the art recycling process for the carpet and plastics industries.

Retail Waste

Public Sector Waste

We are working with local authorities to reduce the amount of carpet taken to Household Waste Recycling Centres (Mixed recycling facilities, MRF’s), preventing end of life carpet from going to landfill as a bulky household waste.


In recent years, some carpet waste has been diverted from landfill, shredded into small pieces and used as equestrian surfacing in outdoor arenas. Recent government changes of policy have led to this being seen as an environmentally unsound option, due to the risk of toxins being released into the environment.


Our process enables a new way for the material to be utilised, safely and with no environmental impact.

Public Sector Waste

Domestic Waste

Demand for carpets in UK homes has remained relatively constant for the past 30 years. Interest in hard floors caused a slight drop 10 years ago, but the market has since recovered with many people still buying new carpets for their homes and businesses every few years.


Innovate Recycle is building a circular economic business and environmental solution, that prevents valuable resources from being lost to burning or from entering the environment as microplastics or as harmful toxins and by working to prevent the need to burn, bury or shred the end-of-life carpet. Our green economy approach will reduce a range of harmful impacts and increasingly contribute to the UK’s net-carbon zero objectives.

Domestic Waste
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