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Welcome to Innovate Recycle

Innovate Recycle is building the UK’s first true carpet recycling facility in Northamptonshire, providing a solution that reduces and removes material from landfill or incineration and reclaims for re-use component materials from post-consumer and industrial carpet waste; in particular, polypropylene and calcium carbonate for re-use in a wide range of industry applications.

Innovate Recycle’s new £5m facility, enabled by a committed group of private sector investors, the UK government’s Getting Building Fund, and the South-East Midlands LEP will create the UK’s first, at volume facility for post-consumer and industrial carpet deconstruction and resource recapture. This will enable the company to play an important part in helping the UK move to a circular economy and to achieve the government’s 2050 net carbon zero target.

We’ll take end of life waste carpet, deconstruct it and recapture polypropylene and calcium carbonate for re-use in a wide range of industry applications. We’re finalising agreements with local authorities to take carpet waste previously destined for shredding, burning and landfill and, if your local authority is looking for a new solution, we’d be delighted to talk to you.

The Facts Laid Bare


A Solution to
Carpet Recycling

Innovate Recycle is transforming the way in which the UK utilises post-consumer and industrial carpet waste.

As part of the green revolution, Innovate Recycle is at the forefront of a bespoke recycling technology that enables deconstruction of end of life carpets, and the recapturing the component materials, in particular polypropylene plastic, that can be utilised across a wide range of industries and applications.

Our new UK manufacturing site in Northamptonshire will support our circular economy business strategy and enabling a much needed change for the UK carpet industry.

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Our process avoids any suggestion of green washing and incorporates machinery and technology developed and refined in the United States and Europe to fully recycle polypropylene and, as we grow our business, other types of carpet.

Our first process line, at full capacity, will process up to 20,000 tonnes of carpet waste per annum. We will install additional process lines around the UK, creating a sustainable solution for councils, businesses and the carpet industry, ensuring that the valuable resources available within waste carpet are not lost to incineration, export or sent to landfill – and making an important new contribution to the UK’s emerging circular economy.


Joseph Eccleston CEO of Innovate Recycle explains:

“We will work closely with the carpet industry to increase the environmental performance of carpet manufacturing. Innovate Recycle is at the forefront of new technology in the UK and our processes enable deconstruction and resource recapture from end-of-life carpets. This enables the reuse of these valuable resources, in particular polypropylene”. 







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