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10 September 2021

Microplastics 101 – What you need to know

Just as the name suggests, microplastics are minute plastic particles typically less than 5mm in size. They are a direct result of plastic-based materials, such as textiles, the fishing and agricultural industries...

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8 September 2021

UK's first carpet recycling plant

Chelveston Renewable Energy Park in Northamptonshire, UK, will soon see the UK's first carpet recycling plant to be fully powered with renewable energy. Innovate Recycle, which was awarded £2.4 million from the UK...

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1 September 2021

Recovery of calcium carbonate

At Innovate Recycle we continue to push forward with our factory and first recycling line (on target for Q4 this year), we are looking to ensure that we maximise the positive environmental effect we are able to achieve...